My Story



      First and foremost, Art is my passion. It truly is a way to not only express myself as an individual, but also to connect with people on a more personal level and to join the ranks of artists both past and present in creating a world filled with the life and beauty found in our souls.

      I was born in Missouri, United States, then moved to Illinois as a small child. Now, as an adult, I am back in the heart of the city of  Saint Louis. As an industrial city filled with lots of talent, my inspirations are fueled and i'm finally ready to break into the art scene.I have been sketching since i was a child and done just a handful of acrylic paintings growing up( mostly school projects) but it wasn't until my first semester of college where I decided i wanted to be an artist.
     I'm currently attending college for a bachelors in fine arts, my focus being in painting; although I do a lot of sculpture as well. For a lot of my paintings, I incorporate sculpture techniques and applications creating more of a mixed media style.The human body is typically the subject matter i enjoy working with the most and more specifically that being faces. I use a lot of pop culture references for my pieces but abstraction is where i make it unique and tailor it to my style.

     I am a color-blind artist so with that, i face a challenge by not being able to see variations or shades in the color that i apply yet that doesn't stop me from applying vibrant colors- usually from just the three primary colors and then mixed directly on the canvas.I may not be able to see all of the colors that I create, but that is the beauty of it all: everything that i create will be unique and nothing can ever be replicated.